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the story took a pretty interesting turn, im definetly excited for the next episodes and see where this is going, doesnt matter how long it will take for them to come out.

perfect animation and writing as usual! 10000/10

i can tell this is heavily influenced by GMOD videos,
it was fun to watch, great job ^^

i remember when i was way too much into the series a few years back, so it has a nice nostalgic feeling watching it again after so long,
animated beutifuly as always ^^

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i played and i won the game and i allways knew that there is only ONE game that would remove "epic battle fantasy 3" from my no.1 spot of favourite game in newgrounds and its EPIC BATTLE FANTASY4 . everything is better and more fun! i had a shit ton of fun in the game.....until the end.
this is my only problem . the ending was a huge let down . i mean after the end cutscene just throwing me back to the menu? WTF is this shit. EPF3 had a waaaaaaaaaaaay better ending where you could replay the game with your current skills & items. why isnt it here? that wouldve been soo much awesome. that is the only thing that i didnt like in this game and it makes me really sad since the rest is 100% perfect. but oh well.

this game is awesome ^^
i really enjoy playing it ^^
it got alot of different themes wich i really like so its hard to get boring. the online draw with other users is really fun
and the musics are really fitting and motivating to draw

this is really one of the best games i played in a while ^^

nice work

Mattster responds:

Thank you!

The audio I used were tracks which were in my playlist while I was making the game :D

i dont really play or like this kind of games (well, atleast i stop when it comes to the sex part). but i have to say from all the ones i saw so far this one actuarly had the most intresting and fun build up puzzle system. those movie questions and the compliments thing are actuarly better then the typical 3 lines pick up thing. . but yeah once it comes to the sex gameplay part..its just allways the same boring thing for me :/.cant enjoy it...
i also agree on what Kikoshou said below me

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this was a great listen ^^
its always fun to hear others background history while working on their part and finishing the collab.

looking forward for the next one

awesome! electroman is still one of my favorite tracks from you!

i can allways count on you for some catchy-ass music!

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cute ^^
love the colors!

im again violence, except when its done by a super smug loli

ooh! noice!
i love it ^^

i'm just some dumbass who likes to draw and animate

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