Well, too late...

2013-10-27 12:36:56 by bocodamondo

i was planning to make a animation for this halloween this year. but i underastimated the time it takes to animate.
i thought i can make a decent animation in just 1 month. well i failed. so i wont be able to finish it for this month. however i think i will upload it when i finish it. halloween or not. still sad though. hope this wont happen next time

well thats all shit i got now..
oh i also work on dragon ball multiverse episode 3, but you couldnt care any less about that, would you?


Well, too late...


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2013-10-27 13:58:17

Good idea, Sonic '06 was rushed to meet a deadline, and we all know what happened.

(Updated ) bocodamondo responds:

the story of sonic 06 is terrible, but that has nothing to do with the game being rushed, it just sucked from the beginning


2013-10-27 14:48:46

Hey! I care a lot about DB multiverse!

bocodamondo responds:

oh nice ^^


2013-10-27 16:17:40

As long as it's within a month of Halloween, should be fine! And your DBZ epics are too intense to ignore!

bocodamondo responds:

i guess


2013-10-28 00:11:59

Quality > Quantity,
So take your time man :)

bocodamondo responds:

true ^^


2013-10-28 12:15:12

"I love DBZ! I watch everything that comes out in relation to it!"
- Audience

"Oh cool, a DBZ parody! Oh wait, it's not a parody. I'm not watching this."
- That same audience

bocodamondo responds:

theres also the kind of pepole who take DBZ waaaaaay too seriously.
when they see a fanmade stuff they are all like "OMG DIS SHIT IS FAKE! SOOO FAKE FAK!"

and if someone made a dbz parody their go all apeshit and act like dbz should never be made fun of and all that shit.


2013-10-31 17:51:51

Take your time; what you have so far looks pretty slick.


2013-11-13 18:51:52

beautiful just beautiful, the best damned thing i have seen in a long time. cleverly designed, puts my wits to shame, "Well, too late..." is a real good news post from a real good designer its so good it takes me back to when i was a little kid, you know you have a real good piece of artwork when it can take a viewer (admirer) back to his childhood, i fucken applaud you.

i can just remember sipping mom's spaghetti up, listening to eminem on my beats by dre headphones when i look into this , you're the best drawer ever man. i'd give you 6 stars if i could, i'd give you 7 stars if i could, but all i can give is 5 stars so here you go stay awesome in the industry up to beat wack ass backwards producers, dont listen to NONE of them!