wanna help me to make a toon?

2013-09-15 07:39:54 by bocodamondo

yo. its been waaay to long since i made an animation cartoon. im allways stuck in DBM episode 3 WIP when it comes to animating. but im really in the mood to make something else for a change of pace. a small parodie of something ....but i have no fucking clue or idea...if someone does and think its funny . it would be nice if you can tell it to me and we can work it out together and make an animation out of it

tl;dr? i need a funny script writer for a new funny animation

P.S i would prefer if its something about avengers

wanna help me to make a toon?


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2013-09-15 10:08:19

The Avengers Vs The Justice league...

you'll get frontpage and daily 1st

bocodamondo responds:

and what exactly should be the plot? how everyone gets owned by the bat because he is the godam batman?


2013-09-15 12:59:27

Kel's probably right.

bocodamondo responds:

btw. do you still remember that voice acting you made for me for a halloween flash last year and because of time i couldnt make the animation in time? i think i will do do it for this halloween instead ^^...i hope i still have those lines you sent me in my pc.


2013-09-15 13:56:57

Iron Man gets into metal music. REALLY into it.

bocodamondo responds:

oor maybe dubstep. since hes is a techno freak, and while he enjoy it everyone will hate it...thats sounds like a good idea ^^


2013-09-15 13:58:11

I can write a script about Captain america throwing a party at his house. Only for it to be a complete snooze fest complete with the good moraled 1945s music and home setting. heres a little tease of what i can offer

Iron Man: Jesus Rogers.. It's like visiting my grand parents house here. Wheres the gin?

Captain America: Oooo sorry, this is an alcohol free home. Can I interest you guys in some sarsaparilla?


bocodamondo responds:

intresting idea..but still needs a heavy punchline


2013-09-15 18:02:41

chat me up because even though you won't help me

I will most certainly help you


2013-09-15 18:29:17

Oh dont you worry. I'm good at delivering a punchline

bocodamondo responds:

well ...pm me a good script plan if you got one,


2013-09-16 02:44:05

How long will it be?


2013-09-21 18:34:41

What I meant to say was "You had it going on when it came to drawing women". I just used an expression incorrectly. Thanks for the note.

And dammit. If I wasn't busy with so many projects at the moment, I would totally have helped you. ;P