a quick update

2013-03-07 16:01:26 by bocodamondo

me and my gayass voice & accent

also . a fucking terrible piece of shit WIP

a quick update


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2013-03-07 16:12:26

Wow youre a cool boy. Also you caught a cold in that video?

bocodamondo responds:

no my voice is allways gay like that


2013-03-07 16:26:53

You have a pretty nice accent there.


2013-03-07 18:15:47

Hahh, grats to you. :)

And that pic isn't that bad you know.


2013-03-07 21:49:49

Great update video! Sorry about your DBZ score, the amount of work you put into it was amazing!
The picture above is also very good indeed! I like the simple lines (and no whites in the eyes) - it looks like a real comic book character. I respect you for your constant improvement, and your hard work and dedication to the DBZ project!!

bocodamondo responds:

oh well. i guess i just had bad luck