need a Voice actor who sound like Trunks

2013-01-25 18:30:27 by bocodamondo
Updated now i got pretty much all voice actor lines for DBM ep2...but i still didnt found someone who will voice Trunks..if you think you can do a good trunks impression please PM me

.also a did a shitty game grumps animations
and a shitty morrigan fanart orrigan


need a Voice actor who sound like Trunks


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2013-01-25 21:32:33

I have never voice acted and I do not know what all goes into it but I might be what you are looking for. email me at


2013-01-25 22:42:44

Dang it, I can't sound like Trunks at all! :{

Next time you need actors though, hit me up Boco!


2013-01-28 17:54:07

I've been looking to start off here on NG with some voice acting. Are you looking for someone to do the voice of the young Trunks or the older one, cuz I could probably do both. PM me if you want my assistance, preferably with a short YouTube clip with the kind of Trunks persona you need.


2013-02-01 23:53:06

Hi,i`ve been thinking about your birthday,and i`ve been checking sonic videos in youtube and i found this video which existence`s you`re aware of Uh Eeh Uh Ah Ah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang!! So,can you say this video is nostalgic or anything?Or you listen to it all the time or sometimes,like,when doing artwork?Oh,and what`s your favorite thing of the video?Mine is easily Shadow being the witch doctor.

bocodamondo responds:

beh. those videos like that sucks ass, i hate them all