9 days left until my 20th birthday!

2012-12-21 14:37:16 by bocodamondo

yo! in 9 days aka the 30th december it will be my 20TH BIRTHDAY in otherwords il be an old ass with crappy artworks & animations from that day forth ^^

i just want you to be atleast happy for me ^^

(((((and maaaaaybeeeeee if you like to gift me something il just leave my steam page link here http://steamcommunity.com/id/bocodamondo. >_>....))))))))

but yeah until then. i luv ya all

PS. i made some stupid comic you might wanna see? http://www.smackjeeves.com/comicprofile.php?id=1 26801

with lova

9 days left until my 20th birthday!


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2012-12-21 14:42:13

20 is an awesome age. I'm really looking forward to your future content. You've improved so much for the past 2 years!

bocodamondo responds:

hah i guess you right ^^


2012-12-21 15:02:10

You should have died today.

(Updated ) bocodamondo responds:

oh please!. those end of the world theorys Failed back then and they failed now and will fail in the future.. like foamy the squirrel said..we should stop living in fear of the end of the world. there is no need to make life even harder then it allready is.

beside! morons allways pick a year and say 'HEY! LOOK WE ALL GONNA DIE IN THIS YEAR DUUH" im fucking tired of this shit! why do pepole allways say this. i mean its like they WANT humanity to die! cheeze! 21.12.2012 failed...i cant wait for the next year those douchbags will pick and say it will be the end of the world >_>...


2012-12-21 18:54:43

least your not gonna be 24 like me soon


2012-12-21 19:14:56

Those legs.


2012-12-21 22:56:35

Turned 20 not long ago myself, still can't go drinking XD