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2012-10-25 10:23:25 by bocodamondo

yo yo hows it hanging?

i just want to let some stuff infos out.

1: it looks like i wont be in time to make my halloween flash done . im still going to the animation however

2: my comic serie "double gender" . im trying to make it a little bit populare. so it would be really nice if you read it and tell me what you think about it so far.

you can find it
Here HERE OR here

3: im making another comic serie. one wich will have more fighting, more serious characters, less comedy .
called tachiatsui. stay tuned for it

4: and good to last. i did a few speedpaint videos.
i would be really happy if you check them out.


Finished artwork


Finished artwork

i guess thats it for now..

i will stop making DBM2 for a while to work on the was/halloween animation

with lova bocodamondo

Some Stuff


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2012-10-25 14:52:32

You're too awesome Boco! <3

bocodamondo responds:

Thaats nuthn ^^


2012-10-25 21:01:35

i still have two drawing tickets from you, i know what i want for the first, but still unsure what to use the second one for; so many choices >:)

awh ill let you work on animation; that's far more important than what my mind wants to spit out.
You're doing incredible boco, keep at it!

bocodamondo responds:

as long its something easy to do and not to complicated ^^


2012-10-26 12:53:43

You're much too modest Boco!

bocodamondo responds:



2012-10-26 15:34:03

Now, you might already had enough of me but still, I'm going to give some tips for your manga, if you don't mind. Short summarize at the end, just skip it if you don't want to read much.

First of all, the lines gave me a headache. It'd be good, enjoyable, but it's just filled with mistakes and such. I know they aren't on purpose, but it'd really make it better if you could either try to not make misspelling, capitalization and such mistakes or ask somebody to run through your lines and correct them for you.
Something else I noticed is not easy to tell the gender of the protagonist a few times. He have breasts I know, but when they aren't in the picture the only main difference is the hair, witch is pretty similar too is some cases; still, it's nothing serious, it pretty much affected the first chapter only.

Now, it might be just me, the style changes between chapter 2 and 3 if I'm right. And it changes during chapter 3 too, usually just lineart, then ,,colored" (grey/black/etc.) and some more detailed work. Now it's not that problematic but I pretty much prefer the style of the first 2 than the plain lineart of the third. I guess it's easier and faster to make it like that, but it's like it's not finished or something.

The story itself is interesting, made me remember Ranma 1/2, even though it's not that similar. Some jokes and surprise turns made me smile, so I pretty much think it's a good story and funny at times.

So you know, the spelling/grammar should be improved IMO, with a little bit more detailed art than in the third chapter. So I guess stick to the style of the first 2 chapters or improve, but don't take a back step like in chapter 3.

Hope I at least didn't bore you to death, just trying to help. Keep up the good work.

bocodamondo responds:

hey. trust me. i never get tired of review/critics ^^

so yeah. the spell mistakes are really awfull. espacily in chapiter 1. theres not much of them in chapiter 3.

and yes i did changed the style of the comic in chapiter 3. make it less colored. i did it so i can make them faster. its a pain in the ass to colore everything. now i will mostly do only lines and colore specific panels...just like onepiece. i guess

actualy its more inspired by kampfer rather then ranma 1/2.
after i saw kampfer. i noticed that the show had great potential. but they wasted in by being completly unfunny, very predictable, plain story , lame plot line and awfull spam of uneccesarry fanservice
so i just said "HEY! i can make a better gender swep manga then that moron,. and so i started to do "double gender" .
so yeah thanks for the review man ^^