some quick update

2012-09-13 17:27:18 by bocodamondo

jo! i just wanted to post a quick update about my works

well since school is there. it will takes me much more time to create new artworks and animations wich is allways a bad thing
but yeah. im still working On dragon ball multiverse episode 2 (FUNFACT: ive been working on that animation now for 2 months!! and im still not finished yet)

anyway. about that DBM. it looks like i will work less on it on the next time. thats because i plan to do a short video for the comming halloween . so i guess 2 months will be enough to come up with a decent idea and animate it

on another thing. if you have steam. then make sure to join my group if you want ^^

so yeah i guess thats enough news for now.

oh and if you like my stuff please subscribe me in Youtube . that will be really helpfull. i could use some more views you know:
..twitter as well:

so i guess thats it for now
with lova bocodamondo

some quick update


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2012-09-13 20:12:25

nice to hear some news from u , good luck with your new movies :)


2012-09-14 11:01:32

This looks like its going to be a good movie! Keep at it! :D


2012-09-18 17:50:42

ur getting better bruh