Dragon Ball Multiverse 2 thing and need an PS artist

2012-08-21 12:00:23 by bocodamondo

hello there guyz!

i hope you still remember something i made called "Dragon Ball Multiverse" based off the fanmanga DBM made by salagir and gogeta jr. THIS

im working hard on episode 2...here is a short animation preview..this time with voice actors http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/65a3bcd142ec 8e09a33d90ad515e634c

its just a small preview animation of Dragon ball multiverse episode 2...its still not finished yet...and as you can see some voice actors still didn send me their lines wich pisses me off.

but im working hard on the flash...i try to put as many effort as possible on it..wich means i only animate when i really want to..so that i dont end up animating it only because i have to finish it fast (because if i do that. the result will be terrible...seriously). invest alot of time on this is much better..you know what they say "worth the weig..i mean wait"

also about that as you can see in my artworks http://bocodamondo.newgrounds.com/art/ im terrible on backgrounds...thats why i need someone who is good with photoshop background drawing to draw for me backgrounds of DBM episode 2..if nobody gonna help me on this..i guess im going to make it myself..and you can clearly see in episode 1 what a shitty backgrounds i made..

i guess thats all about DBM..on another thing
im doing some kind of commission thing. by accepting TF2 items since i dont have a paypal account (atleast now) if you want to do one..heres prices'n'shit: http://bocodamondo.newgrounds.com/news/post/7450 91

well...i guess thats it for now

i hope this spam is not too much of "tl;dr"

ooh! thers something else!
recently i made a flash animations ( YES ITS TRACED) based around the scene of goku sacrifce here:

its pretty much just animation training. to see how good can i only remake a scene made by an entire animation team.

with lova

Dragon Ball Multiverse 2 thing and need an PS artist


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2012-08-21 13:58:11

You've really gotten much better since 2009. Get yourself a cookie.

bocodamondo responds:

nom nom nom


2012-08-21 15:02:11

I'll do it! I love Play Station! That's what you mean by PS right?...

bocodamondo responds:



2012-08-21 15:11:29

You have really come far since you joined up here - one can only hope the VA's that signed on, get their shit together, and respectfully submit their lines!

bocodamondo responds:

huh. thanks


2012-08-21 16:18:33

Just want to make sure, you received my Bardock lines?

bocodamondo responds:

yep i did


2012-08-21 16:48:16

I was just kidding... :P


2012-08-21 17:23:33

Whoever's doing your Frieza is dead on!


2012-08-21 21:41:28

Glad to see this is still going!
Good luck with everything.


2012-08-29 21:12:31

I tried to PM you, but from what I can tell, it isn't going through. Oh well. Here is some info to help you out on your endevours:


Here are names to some Vocaloids (regardless if I like the voices and an * if they are popular): Leon, Lola, Miriam, Meiko*, Kaito*, Sweet Ann*, Miku*, Rin*, Len* (Rin and Len are in the same package), Luka*, Sonika, Miki, Yuki, Lily (Lilly), Mew, Luna, and Kaito*. There are a whole bunch more, that would require me to go to the website and hurt my brain from force learning Japanese; and some I don't know how fully they qualify as Vocaloids - like Ryuuto and Gakupo. But all of the ones I named, I have heard and know for certain that you can find plenty of (un)official drawings for you to do what you do with them.

Be carefull, there are some Vocaloids like Akita that are official, but their voices are modified voices of the official ones. And Akita is the one that most people fight about her voice because they don't do the research- she started with a high Miku voice, but then people decided to change the voice to suit what they think her persona should have to a low Rin.

Watashi wa kami desu nai. Watashi wa antiggoddo... hankami desu.
Death Idol (ShiniTaigen). Yoroshiku.


2012-09-03 23:30:30

so did you want me to send in my lines for episode 3? I am still interested in this project.