2012-08-10 22:21:01 by bocodamondo

yeah i dont know if anybody is intrested in this. but i actuarly got another strategy of taking price for commission beside Deviantart Points..and its by taking TF2 items instead..

if you really are intrested here the price list:

***the things i wont draw: , korra, furries,ponies, hentai or hardcore ecchi artworks.**

*Lineart: 5 to 15 DA points | One Unique Tf2 weapon
*Artwork with FLASH (no background): 10 to 50 DA points | | 5 Unique weapons or 1 Vintage item or 1 Tool
*Artwork with FLASH (with background): 20 to 60 DA points | | 1 Strange Weapon or 1 Unique Hat
*Artwork with Photoshop (no background): 30 to 90 DA points | | 2 Unique Hats or 3 Tools
*Artwork with Photoshop (with background): 50 to 100 DA points | 1 Unusual Hat or an Taunt (schadenfreude/high five/meet the medic)
*Flash Animation: 50 to 1000 (depends on lenght) | from 1 to 3 Unusual (depends on lenght) or 1 taunt (highfive/schadenfreude)

my steam :



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2012-08-10 22:35:24

have you ever tried to make an hentai pic? or yaoi if you prefer? hehe...

bocodamondo responds:

eh fine with drawing something sexy. but i never go far into drawing compleyl naked ot uncensored topless. no female or male. its just not my thing :/

oh yeah! i forget to write the things i wont draw


2012-08-11 03:41:17

Meh, you should be willing to draw mostly anything. Because 1 you'll get MUCH more commissioners, and 2 it shows you're not close-minded on things.

I don't really see why you can't do hentai or furries. Unless you're some kind of prude, it shouldn't bother you..


2012-08-12 17:54:37

Very... strange and unique method. Not doing furries, heh? What's your problem with them? Oh well, not a big loss I suppose, I never really cared about them. The ponies thing made me imagine a pony in your style... I'm terrible at imagining but it's not a bad thing you avoid them. :D
But Korra? Why? And you forgot to mention Videl in a bikini :D:P

IMO your style isn't for hentai, so it's a good choice for you to avoid that kind of thing. But nowadays... many people likes it I guess, so it might boost the numbers of commissions.
Hard choice, your principles or business. Stick to the first, but reconsider as soon as you find out how PayPal works.


2012-08-17 21:45:23

That's quite a unique method, I better start playing TF2 again. Anyway don't worry about what those other guys say even if it is just advice. It's nice to see an artist with some class every now and then. Well good luck to you and your commissions.