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i'm just some dumbass who likes to draw and animate


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I'm doing good, just animatin', you?

just working on my part for a certain collab :v

im good
i dug up this old account to follow the wave of exileds

good decision

Doing good, just sitting here watching Tumblr crash and burn while everyone migrates over here of course

its entertaining at least, cant deny that

Yoooooooooooooooooo JOE!...Just chillin'...killin'...


I'm doing well, going to migrant my old art from Tumblr here.

guess i might create a NSFW alt here for my tumblr one which probably wont survive the upcoming purge

Howdy partner.


Good. How are you?

cant complain

Glad to see you're back. Felt weird not seeing your stuff on here for so long.

îve been posting some work that im proud of here now and then.
but since i lost my DBM EP5 file due to the ransomware, i'll see if i still can somehow upload it here in NG if i download it from YT with good quality later on

Hey, long time no speak! It's a time to be alive right now. Good times.

indeed ^^

Sounds like a smart move.
Don't know if even your SFW art will be safe either.
Tumblr's bot isn't the greatest.


Guess we need more pillows

To be fair I haven't been on here for a long time and seeing Tumblr killing it self by their own stupidity makes me say that Newgrounds is more nicer and easier to move around in

indeed, i am sad knowing that my NSFW blog gonna die because of this,
but seeing NG getting more crowded because of this is a fair trade off IMO

Haven't been using Newgrounds in the past much, but can legit feel a strong comeback to it approaching.

yeah, hopefully it will grow even more in the future

Sup man, that was a HUGE fuck up letting your DBM stuff get messed up, shoulda archived bro. how's that coming along anyway? still workin on it? Lol

yeah, i was too naive back then for not backing stuff up in an external drive,
but yeah, hopefully i have the next one done this year

sense i cant send a reply i send it here
yeah its kinda unexpected to see charlie becoming a yogiyoh fan by a mobile game thats kinda amazing also yes i know that you can play it on pc its on steam but i think its better to be on mobile i just think card games can be more fun on mobile

for the most part it looks like he's just doing it as a joke, but we'll see if he will end up really loving the game

@ahmadmalake @bocodamondo yeah man