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Dragon Ball Multiverse Episode 2 is out

2/21/13 by bocodamondo
Updated 2/21/13


it took me a over 6 months...buts finnaly here!

DBM ep 2 i hope the waiting was worth it....well that if you actualy waited about it in first place :S

Dragon Ball Multiverse Episode 2 is out


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your link doesn't work for me, also here's the vid



for the guy below me
that doesn't make him a better character.

2/21/13 bocodamondo responds:

true. batman is waay weaker then superman. and yet batman is a billion times more awesome & likeable then superman

In the end the only thing that matters is that superman beats goku :)

2/21/13 (Updated 2/21/13) bocodamondo responds:

ehm sEdQ9sWFY

This was awesome.It shows so much respect for the Orginal series and has new twists.I love it.cant wait for the next episode.

Hey pretty sweet, I remember you starting this sooo long ago, but now it's finally done! Very good job.

this is very good



Damn! This is fucking sweeeeet, man!
Loved it.

2/21/13 bocodamondo responds:

glad you like it ^^

in a few days i will send you lines for ep 3 ^^